Health Tips During Corona Virus Season


By now you might have seen tons, I mean TONS, of articles and emails regarding safety measures you need to take during this rapid spread of the virus. Here are some extra tips on top the ones which you have come across…

  •  Avoid Using Commercial Gyms or Overcrowded Fitness Centers – For a week or so try to exercise at home. However if you do want to workout and not disrupt your routine at the gyms, make sure to carry antibacterial wipes. Wipe the equipments before and after use. Carry your own towels. But definitely get 30 mins of movement
  • Say No to Handshakes – It’s official. The World Health Organization has officially announced that handshakes should be avoided as respiratory viruses can be passes through shaking hands
  • Get Proper Sleep – Make sure you are not skipping out on your sleep
  • Don’t Touch Your Face – Even if you feel like popping that acne. Just don’t. I know how we touch our faces unknowingly
  • Wash your Hands – This is one tip which you might be hearing every hour now. But seriously, it is that important. Wash your hands properly with soap for 20 seconds at least
  • Reduce Public Transport Usage– I know how important your work is to you. But if you get sick, it would take you time to get back work. Since prevention is better than cure its better to avoid mass transportation for commuting
  • Stress Management is Required – This is the time where you might suffer from mass hysteria. There are chances you might feel sick because of all that is happening around you. Try to do some grounding exercises or meditation so that it doesn’t affect your mindset in the extreme
  • Be on Top of your Supplements – It might happen that you will have an urge to miss out on your supplements. Please don’t. Go about your routine which brings me to..
  • Carry on with your routine diet- Continue having the foods you have usually. Eat healthy, nutrient dense whole foods. This tip doesn’t apply to one’s who have poor eating habits. Time to ramp up your immunity
  • Don’t lose weight too fast – It is better to gain some weight during this phase than lose drastic weight  with improper and unbalanced nutrition support
  • Consume Immune Boosting Foods – Foods rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Iron, Phosphorus, Probiotic foods, Prebiotic Fibers are some of the nutrients you might want to include a little bit more. Examples are  Carrot, Eggs, Berries, Fermented Food, Fish, Green Leafy Vegetables, Nuts and Seeds, Lentils and Beans, Bananas Etc

Prevention is always better than cure. If you have anymore tips which would help others out there, comment below. 

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