How NOT To Feel Intimidated In Overmasculine Gyms


Cardio rooms are the least intimidating place in the world. No one seems to judge you for how fast or slow you run on the treadmill. No one looks at you as you trudge on the cross trainer. At least that’s what you think…Wait till we start talking about the weight training room…PHEW!!!

The room dripping with sweaty armpits and excessive masculinity surely seems intimidating. I mean who would want to do an exercise incorrectly and be stared at. No one. Let us just not step in there..The cardio room seems good. Alright, You can do Zumba as well..but nothing more than that. I mean that’s enough right ? 

Wrong! You have the right to be the bright sunshine in that over saturated muscle room and shine with confidence. Now let me be honest here, whenever I used to see the weights area, it used to make sure it was either empty (never the case) or had at most two medium confident people in there. You guessed it right , I barely made it there on most days.

How I ended up gathering courage and confidence to enter the strength training area was not complicated at all. Let me share some tips here:

  • Pump your brain and body : This is the first step. Warm up for at least ten minutes before entering “the room”. It can be cardio, free hand exercises, activation routine or a mix of all. This will boost your mind along with your body. It will definitely get you into the zone. The zone to crush your goal for the next 30 mins(baby steps always).
  • Do your homework : That’s right! Make sure you know which exercises you are going to perform before you enter the room. Have the videos queued up and mental notes on how to perform the exercises or use the machines. This will save you ENORMOUS amounts of time and procrastination. The more you allow your mind to procrastinate, the more probability there is for you to escape the room .
  • Rhythm only you get : Create a playlist, how much ever weird or silly… a playlist which only you can connect to… a playlist which makes you feel the hero/heroine of your dreams. Come on now… do not even start to tell me that you haven’t imagined yourself in a movie or a song. Been there , done that. 
  • You will slip up : Accept that you are a beginner. But also remember , everyone in the room was also a beginner once. So when you do slip or make a mistake or are simply clueless…ask someone for help.  Rest assured, everyone in the room loves fitness(hint: they chose to be in that scary room), which means they are also highly enthusiastic about imparting their knowledge onto others. Most of the time.. there will always be a lone wolf who wants to be left alone.  
  • Respect your wallet: Your aim is to achieve your health goals.. and you are PAYING the gym to achieve just that . So instead of worrying about people judging you , who by the way didn’t pay for your membership, you go get your money’s WORTH.

I know it’s easy to get scared by just having a peek at the aura emanating from that room…BRRR.. Just remember… Everyone has been a beginner. There will be a time when someone will be intimidated by you in future. And that time you will be their savior.

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