A Journey with Me

Simple and powerful way to give your body a holiday from sugar and processed foods. It’s a 5 week program comprising of ~ simple elements of nutrition education + 3 week sugar detox + small support group + added bonus of accountability from thedarktangerine

                                    Benefits you can expect from this amazing program

  • Long term strategy to make good nutritional choices
  • Your Clothes Fit Better 
  • Increased Energy
  • Clarity and Focus
  • Boosted Immune System
  • Decreased Anxiety
  • More Restful Sleep
  • Very small group for better and free interaction
  • Loads of Support from the me, your instructor and the group
  • Enjoy Real Food. No “detox” products.

                                                     What you will learn

Week 1 : We begin!! Set intentions and get ready to prepare mentally, physically, and emotionally for your successful REAL FOOD sugar detox.

Week 2 : Healthy digestion is the key to your health. Learn about how it works and how to optimize your digestion. Empower yourself to make the most out of a healthy diet

Week 3 : All about sugar and how to handle it. Learn how your body responds to excess sugar and refined carbs. Watch yourself finally get off the sugar rollercoaster

Week 4 : Learn to love fats. We bust some myths and unveil the truth about dietary fats. Learn which one to enjoy, which one to avoid and why. 

Week 5 : Congratulations!! You did it! Learn how integrate the skills and tools you acquired through the Restart® Program  

                             What is the cost of the program (DM/Email Me)


What is the format of the class? How much time do I need to set aside? 

A virtual classroom via Zoom where you will be given reference material which you can either print out beforehand or refer online during the class. Every week for the 5 week duration, each class will be of 90 min duration.

What is the success rate of the program ?

Participants who commit to coming to every class session, doing the sugar detox and applying the concepts learned in class will get the most benefit out of the program. Giving your body a chance to respond to real nutrient dense food, while taking a break from sugar for three weeks can be a powerful learning experience. Many participants want to keep eating this way for life! We do know that change is hard and you are ultimately in charge of your level of participation. The education is valuable information, so even if you are not yet ready to go “all-in” on the sugar detox, just being there listening, and learning will be a valuable experience. You can also take RESTART® again (as many times as you wish!) when you are ready to go further with the experience.

I am a vegetarian, Can I still do restart ?

It is possible for a vegetarian to do the RESTART® program if you are willing to eat eggs, dairy or small amounts of fish. Some slight modification to the food lists to allow more legumes, rice and quinoa will make the program doable and still allow for adequate protein. Some instructors have reported beautiful successes with vegetarian participants. This program is not suitable for a strict vegan.

I am a rather shy person and not used to group programs. How big are the groups and what are the other options ?

RESTART® is designed to be taught to a group of about 4 to 10 people. I have kept the group even smaller (2-5 only). I, your instructor, will act as a facilitator to lead the discussion.  Each person has an opportunity to contribute to the conversation, be heard and supported, but no one is put on the spot if they prefer to just listen. After a couple of sessions, most groups feel like a small gathering of friends. Having said that I will be offering this program 1:1 where you can get the same program with focused attention.

What about individual dietary needs I might have?

Each RESTART® participant is unique, and we respect that. RESTART® is designed as a set up for success. The program omits many of the most common inflammatory foods, so most people do quite well with the allowed foods. Work with me, your instructor to determine substitutes. Due to certain foods allowed on the program do not work for you due to allergies, sensitivities etc. Tips are given for the busy professional or the inexperienced cook who may need faster simpler recipes. We are striving for progress, not perfection!

What if I specific health issues, will those be addressed in class?

The class is designed to teach foundational information pertaining to digestion, blood sugar regulation, and the importance of choosing healthy forms of dietary fat for overall health. Beginning with these foundations goes a long way toward supporting any healing journey. As a qualified nutrition professional and your Instructor, am well versed in helping individuals with more specific health challenges, but that level of support is best suited for individual consultation. Talk to me, your instructor, about making an appointment.

What support am I going to get?

RESTART® program materials for each week, recipes, motivation from me (thedarktangerine) and the group mates. Bonus from me is accountability. I will make sure you stay motivated every single day for the whole of the program.

If your question is not answered in the FAQs, Please feel free to ask me questions about this program at pallavi@thedarktangerine.com