Hi! I am Pallavi

I am a Certified Personal Trainer, NLP, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner in training and a Mindset Coach. I want to help you with your health issues, support you in mindset enhancement and provide you with positive energy every single day. I am addicted to personal development. You will usually find me reading, listening, watching to anything related to self growth.

 Thedarktangerine means…

Started out as an angsty teenage email ID. Come on, Be Real! I am sure you also had emails along the lines of passionbubblyron@gmail.com .

The meaning evolved for me over time…Now it simply means 

‘ Finding the Sweetness of Life in the Darkest of Times’

Your Only Competition is The Person You Saw In the Mirror Yesterday!

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I would love to connect with you. Send me an message on pallavi@thedarktangerine.com 

Till then, Stay Healthy & Happy <3