Work From Home – Productivity Tips

Some tips to make you more productive and not loose track of the time during these never ending work from home days:

#1  Take a bath and get ready as soon as you wake up. Okay I am being pushy on this. But get ready before you start ANY work for the day. Taking a bath puts you in a ‘I am ready to conquer the world mode’. But here is the trick! See next..

#2 Continue with your Jammies: Wear something nice on top but keep on wearing your pajamas. So you want to fix your hair, put on makeup or anything you like, wear a good shirt or top but continue wearing your pajama bottoms. This will not make you feel professional and at the same time comfortable. Come on, you need to at least feel half ready to start your day with energy.

#3 20-5-20 OR 1-10-1 Rule: Either you work in sprints of 20 minutes and take a break of 5 minutes or you work in sprints of 1 hour and take a break of 10 minutes. Do not work continuously. Move around. Hydrate. Stretch yourself out of the miserable posture you were sitting in. This also makes sure you are more productive.

#4 Keep your space clean, Man!: Or Woman! Don’t even think about working in a cluttered space. Your energy will dip low before you even start working on anything. It has a negative psychological effect on you.

#5 Only thing to do is to do: So create To-do’s list and check it off during the day. You will find yourself work faster. But keep in mind to only keep few action items per day so that you can produce more effective results.

#6 Exercise From Home: Why does this have to stay behind! Literally if you jog on spot for 5-10 minutes, do some planks and crunches, execute those surya namaskers, you are literally done for the day! Some movement is better than no movement.

But this is the time you can actually catch up on things you were putting off as you are saving plenty of time because there is no commute! Be safe peeps and staying in is the cool thing to do now!

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    1. All is well. There are things I need to take care of right now. But I will be back on Insta soon 🙂 I hope you are well and healthy.

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